Messick, Julius right to not support Newton Housing Initiative

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014 11:28 a.m. CDT

To the editor:

I believe Dennis Messick and former Councilman D.J. Julius expressed wisdom by not being supportive of the Newton Housing Initiative bond for $3,650,000 to build a large number of $225,000 homes when taxes are high and will continue to be so for 10 years.

I do not see guaranteed high taxes for 10 years as an incentive for the average homebuyer. If high salaried workers in Des Moines buy into it, they may have a deal, but the average homeowner in Newton will not, and this could prove a hardship for retirees who did not fare so well and those who have had to settle for lower-paying jobs.

If taxes go up, rent frequently goes up. That may prove a hardship for those saving to buy a home or stay in Newton.

I repeat, considering to maintain high taxes for 10 years is not a happy thought. I believe a suggestion was made to try it over a shorter period of time. Perhaps that could be reconsidered.

Joyce Moen



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