Club Notes

Chapter K-EN T.T.T.

The regular meeting of Chapter K-EN T.T.T. was at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, in the Park Centre Garden Room. Betty Hotchkin and Jeanne Bridenstine hosted the 15 members present. President Rose Evans called the meeting to order. The camp committee reported that the camp girls had been taken out at Christmas time for a pizza dinner and the play at the theater. They were also given a small gift from the group.

It was also reported that there are still 39 cheese balls to be sold. No other business was brought before the group. There will be no meeting in the month of February. The next meeting will be in March at the home of Jane Johnson.

Following refreshments, the group listened to a program titled “I Made It Myself” by member Jane Repp. She shared several crafting projects she has been involved with, then led the group in making their own washcloth Easter bunny to take home.



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