Pastor: Connecticut school shooting proves problem with sin, evil are real

Editor’s note: We typically do not publish the addresses of letter writers. However, at this letter writer’s request, we have included that information.

To the editor:

Friday’s school shooting was a tragedy and an unspeakable evil, and the families of the victims remain in our hearts and our prayers. At the same time, there are many lessons that we need to learn from incidents this. Among the most obvious of them are these:

1) The problem of sin and evil is real.

2) Pretending that the problem is with an instrument that evil people sometimes use to harm or kill others is like blaming computers for identity theft.

3) Until we as a culture stop indoctrinating our kids into the lie that they are nothing but mutated pond scum — cosmic accidents with no inherent purpose or dignity, who will one day simply cease to exist, and who will be held accountable to no one and according to no standard — we can expect more of these incidents to occur.

The source for answers at times like this (indeed, at all times) is the living Word, Jesus Christ, and his written Word, the Bible. If you find yourself struggling with these events and these issues, please take the time to talk with your pastor.

If you do not have a pastor, I would be more than happy to talk with you.  

Aaron Gunsaulus

Pastor, Newton Christian Reformed Church

(641) 792-2162




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