Mission Coalition thankful for Cross Walk support

To the editor:

The Mission Coalition, an ecumenical gathering of churches in Newton that exists to glorify God and serve others, would like to publicly thank all who took a leadership role in the Stations of the Cross walk on Good Friday, March 29.

Those who were involved in reading a message, leading singing, or carrying the cross included: Tim Stameyer, Marilyn Deppe, Daniel Lopez-Sanders, Jane Repp, Virginia Bennett, Bev Curtis, Marlys Amundsen, Dirk Amundsen, Pat Summers, Margaret Caldwell, Steve Knight, Greta Koppin, Rose South, Joseph Malsom, Linda Curtis-Stolper, Mary Wedzinski, Lonnie Appleby, Bruce Curtis, Larry Hurto, Judy Monroe, Deanna Ihde, Don Freeman, John Thorpe, Steve Putz, John Duling, Joe Kent, and Noah Petersen.

Much of the organization of the event was done by Shirley Dont.

Newton is blessed with a concentration of churches in a small area which makes events such as this pilgrimage possible. We would encourage those searching for a meaningful way to act out their reflections regarding Good Friday to join us next year.

On behalf of the Mission Coalition,

Linda Curtis-Stolper




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